January 23, 2017

Additional Resources

We have selected a number of other websites and articles that you may find helpful.

For Information on Cockroaches please see these videos

University Extension Services

  • Purdue University Extension Website. This website provides many useful bed bug resources particularly for those who are educating others about bed bugs. A note of caution: this website contains a video that shows a person using diatomaceous earth on furniture as a bed bug control method, we would recommend against this method as diatomaceous earth can be an inhalation hazard.
  • University of Kentucky Available in English and Spanish. Includes descriptions, information and control tips. 
  • Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Control Information organized by audience. Includes PowerPoint presentations, videos and photographs. 

State and Federal Goverment Services

City and County Public Health 

Other organizations 

If you follow these links you are leaving the University of Minnesota’s Let’s Beat the Bug! page and accessing a third-party site. We have provided these links because they provide additional information that may be useful or interesting. We cannot attest to the accuracy of non-UMN information provided by these third party sites or any other linked site. UMN is providing these links for your reference. In doing so, UMN does not endorse these sites.