May 27, 2016

Response Kit for Retail Facilities

Response Kit for Retail Facilities (.pdf)

Retail Facilities should have the following documents on hand for response to bed bug incidences.

Retail Facilities should keep the following items on hand to assist with bed bug response:

  • Plastic tubs or large plastic bags; these can be used to isolate items that may have a bed bug infestation. 
  • Sticky tape and small Ziploc style plastic bags; these items can be used to capture specimens to be identified by a professional.
  • A notebook or log to keep records; keeping records of when and where bed bugs are sighted or suspected will assist the Pest Management Professional who is treating the building. 
  • Flashlight; which can be used for conducting inspections of areas or items that are suspected of having a bed bug infestation. 
  • A vacuum for capturing bed bugs, see Vacuuming to Capture Bed Bugs.


Response Kit for Retail Facilities (.pdf)