January 23, 2017


Bed Bug Prevention and Control Videos

Watch this video to learn about how to prevent and control bed bugs in your home.   This video is available in: Arabic, English, Hmong, Karen, Somali and Spanish.


Multilingual Videos

In collaboration with the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota Department of Agriculture and ECHO Minnesota we have created three short videos on Bed Bugs. Each of these videos is available in the following Languages: English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong.

Controlling Bed Bugs at Home

Controlling Bed Bugs by Hand

Kill Bed Bugs through Laundry


Multilingual Tasksheets

We are in the process of translating 8 of our tasksheets into a number of other languages. We will post each language as the translation is completed






Bed Bug Control in Residences

مكافحة بق الفراش في المنازل          

Kev pab tiv thaiv tsev kom tsis txhob muaj kab uas tom neeg saum txaj

Xakamaynta Dhiqle ee Aqalka

Control de las Chinches de Cama en Las Residencias 

Controlling Bed Bugs By Hand

السيطرة على بق الفراش يدويا

Thaum tua cov kab uas tom neeg saum txaj nrog koj ob txhais tes

Sida aad Dhiqlaha gacantaada ugu xakamayn kartid

Controlando Las Chinches de la Cama a Mano

Have I Found
a Bed Bug?

هل عثرت على بق الفراش؟

Puas yog kuv nrhiav taum ib tug kab uas tom neeg saum txaj?

Ma Dhiqlaan Helay?

He Encontrado una Chinche de la Cama?

Hiring a Pest 

التعاقد مع محترف في إدارة الآفات

Ntiav cov neeg paub tua kab hus ua Pest Management Professional

Shaqaalaynta Shirkada ladagaalanka Dhiqlaha

Contratando a una Compañía de Manejo de Plagas

How to Prevent
Bed Bugs From
Entering Your Home

كيف تمنع بق الفراش من دخول منزلك

Txoj kev tiv thaiv yus lub tsev kom tsis txhob muaj kab uas tom neeg saum txaj

Sida aad Aqalkaaga uga Xakaamayn kartid inuu Dhiqle Yeesho

Como Prevenir que las Chinches de cama Entren en su casa 

Laundering Items to Kill Bed Bugs

الغسل و التجفيف لقتل حشرات بق الفراش

Ntxhua khoom kom tua cov kab uas tom neeg saum txaj

Dhiqlaha ku dil dharmaydhida  Lavar Objetos para Matar a las Chinches de la Cama

Vacuuming to Capture Bed Bugs

الشفط بالمكنسة الكهربائية لالتقاط بق الفراش

Lub nqus tsev pab ntes cov kab tom neeg saum txaj

Faakiyuum-garee dhiqlaha

Aspirar para Capturar las Chinches de la Cama

What NOT to Do
When you Have Bed Bugs

ماذا عليك ألا تفعل اذا وجدت بق الفراش

Tej yam TSIS TXHOB ua thaum yus muaj cov kab tom neeg saum txaj

Waxyaabaha aad u baahanyahay in aanad samayn markaad heshid dhiqle Lo que NO debe hacer cuando tiene chinches


Bed Bugs and Insecticides: What You Should Know

This brochure is intended for those evaluating insecticide use to control bed bugs in housing  or other situations


Seminar Videos 

Were you unable to attend of the Bed Bug Information Days hosted by Let’s Beat the Bug! in early 2012? Well here is your chance to watch the seminars at your own convenience. Watch the entire thing, or chose only one session. It is up to you. 


Pest Management Professionals

 This page contain PDFs on bed bug control for Pest Management Professionals in the United States and Canada


Bed Bug Prevention and Control Kits 

These bed bug prevention and response kits are designed to be a simple tool that individuals can use to begin designing a bed bug prevention and control program. These kits are intentionally designed to be a simple starting point and not an exhaustive list of all the tools and documents that could be used in bed bug prevention and control.


Additional Resources

We have selected a number of other websites and articles that you may find helpful.