May 25, 2016

Seminar Videos

Were you unable to attend of the Bed Bug Information Days hosted by Let’s Beat the Bug! in early 2012? Well here is your chance to watch the seminars at your own convenience. Watch the entire thing, or chose only one session. It is up to you. 

Bed Bug Basics

Dr. Stephen Kells from the University of Minnesota provides background on bed bugs, what they are such a problem and what we can do to stop them. 

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Detecting Bed Bugs

Mr. Jay Bruesch of Plunkett’s Pest Control provides an overview of the various methods for detecting bed bugs in a variety of settings. 

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Controlling Bed Bugs with Chemical Measures

Dr. John Barcay from Ecolab provides detailed information on how bed bugs can be control with insecticides. Including information understanding the treatment and on how to prepare for a treatment. 

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Using Heat the Kill Bed Bugs

Dr. Mohammed El Damir of Adam’s Pest Control describes the process for treating bed bugs with a whole room heat treatment. 

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Mechanical Control Methods for Bed Bugs

Dr. Stephen Kells of the University of Minnesota provides detailed information on mechanical methods that can be used for bed bug control in residences. 

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Removing bed bugs from Multi-Family Housing

Dr. Stephen Kells of the University of Minnesota discusses other issues with bed bug control when the “house next door is across the hall”

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