Response Kit for Property Owners/Managers

Property Owners/Managers should have the following documents on hand for response to bed bug Situations:

Actions for Property Owners/ Mangers to take:

  • Property Owners/Managers should contract with a Pest Management Professional when dealing with bed bug situations. Bed bugs cannot be controlled with over-the-counter insecticides.
    • This factsheet on Hiring a Pest Management Professional provides helpful tips for selecting a company you would like to work with.
    • Discuss plans for controlling a bed bug infestation, with your Pest Management Professional, before an infestation occurs. Being proactive will make dealing with an infestation easier in the long run.
  • Be vigilant for risky behaviors in your residents, particularly the scavenging of used furniture.
  • If a tenant reports a bed bug infestation do not ask them to throw away beds or furniture, in most cases these items can be treated. Removing furniture can cause the infestation to spread if another resident brings the discarded furniture into their unit.
  • Make sure your residents lease, and or addendums, include wording to help you inspect and treat apartments against bed bugs and to discourage resident behavior that could result in bed bugs entering the premise.

Property Owners/Managers should keep the following items on hand to assist with bed bug response:

  • A flashlight for conducting inspections on items or units that may have bed bug infestations
  • Small spatula, for extracting bed bugs
  • Clear plastic tape and small Ziploc style baggies for collecting specimens for professional identification
  • A notebook or log for keeping records. Detailed records will assist the Pest Management Professional in gaining control of the infestation.

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