Response Kit for Social Service Providers

Social Service Providers should have the following documents on hand for response to bed bug Situations.

Social Service Providers should keep the following items on hand to assist with bed bug response:

  • items that could be in a bed bug containment kit A roll of tape (clear tape, such as packing tape works well)
  • A roll of clear plastic drum liners (garbage bags for 50 gal. drums)
  • A few plastic grocery bags for storage of smaller miscellaneous items
  • Flashlight
  • Narrow bladed spatula (such as a ¾” – 1” wide icing spatula)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Wet wipes (i.e., Wet Ones®, or equivalent)
  • Plastic clipboard
  • A simple stool or folding metal chair
  • A fanny-pack to contain personal items (wallet, cell phone etc.)
  • A change of clothes and shoes
  • Protective booties and disposable coveralls (Tyvek, or equivalent)

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